Publishing Solutions for Scholars


Are you uncertain about how to obtain extramural funding for your research? Would you like a second reading of the manuscript on which you long have been working? My private consulting with individual scholars focuses on your questions and needs. The intricacies of the peer review process, the procedures of scholarly presses, the new modes of electronic publishing, and best practices for your career as an author are but some of the areas in which I can help. I do not have a rigid system or a method into which you will be inserted but rather proceed on the assumption that successful scholars work in many voices and modes. By learning about your work and listening to your aspirations, I will help you better become the scholar you are and work to the best of your abilities. If you are seeking grants and fellowships, you will likely find my extensive knowledge of funding options and review processes of considerable help. Whatever your reasons for retaining my services, you can expect my undivided attention, complete engagement, and swift response.